Seven Cloud Computing Trends In 2014

Cloud computing took companies by storm this year, with nearly 60 percent of current small-to-medium businesses using cloud services and 72 percent of them virtualizing significant portions of... |
Europol, Feds and Microsoft Torpedo ZeroAccess Botnet Servers, but P2P Version Lives On

You'd think a nefarious slice of software designed to frustrate a practice plenty of us dislike - web ads - might engender cheers and well wishes. But no, the ZeroAccess botnet is hardly so noble... |
Password hack nets 2 million Facebook, Twitter users

Hackers have stolen almost two million passwords for large websites including Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, in a massive security breach discovered by authorities in the Netherlands. According to... |
Beautiful internet maps visualize the striking interconnectedness of the web

Once the software has drawn the basic map and connected the dots, Dade-Robertson, who lectures for Newcastle University's architecture department, then uses photo editing tools to add color... |
Google Makes Play for Cloud Computing Business

Google already runs much of the digital lives of consumers through e-mail, Internet searches and YouTube videos. Now it wants the corporations, too. The search giant has for years been evasive... |
Yahoo buys SkyPhrase to better understand natural language

Yahoo has acquired SkyPhrase, a natural language processing startup, in a move that could improve Yahoo's ability to make sense of user queries and commands across any number of Yahoo products... |
Buckle Your Seatbelts: Rob Ford Is Planning A Web Series

Toronto's hard-partying, crack-smoking, football-throwing mayor is coming to a computer screen near you. Rob Ford, who has recently made headlines as his own City Council attempts to remove him... |
Google Spins Invisible Web With Users' Data, Dutch Watchdog Says

Google Inc. privacy policy violates data protection law by spinning "an invisible web" with users' personal data without their consent, the Dutch data watchdog said. Google combines data... |
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