Amazon May Launch a New Marketplace This Year to Connect Local Services & Products

Amazon is planning to launch a local services marketplace for discovering "anything from babysitters to handymen," Reuters claims. Slated to debut in just one city this year, Amazon's marketplace... |
"Affirm"- Raises $45M

Max Levchin, who put his name on the map as a cofounder of PayPal, is turning his attention to new payments startup Affirm. Today, Affirm announced that it secured $45 million in funding and have... |
Flickr to Remove Facebook and Google Log-ins on June 30

If you're an avid Flickr user who prefers to connect via a Google or Facebook account, your days are officially numbered. Following through on an announcement made in March, Yahoo will strip Flickr... |
Measuring the World's Emotions Using Twitter and Amazon's Cloud

There are some things that just weren't possible before the world wide web and cloud computing, and a recently launched emotion-quantification project called "We Feel" is one of them. The project... |
TransLink Looking to Add Wifi to Skytrains

BC transportation authority TransLink is having a rough time executing on its Compass system. But while riders continue to wait for the organization's card system to roll out, TransLink has... |
China Cuts Off Google Services Before Tiananmen Square Anniversary

The Chinese government cut off access to Google search, Gmail, Google Calendar and more of the company's services ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests. Google has been... |
Feds Shut Down $100M Malware Network

Today, federal officials announced new charges against the GameOver Zeus botnet, together with coordinated seizures that appear to have stopped the network cold. GameOver Zeus infected as many as... |
Broadcom Wants to Get Out of the Wireless Modem Business

In a sign of the times, Broadcom is seeking the sale of its baseband business the chips that provide connectivity in cellular phones and modems. This is a win for competitors who have integrated... |
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