Dear Verizon, You Don't Own The Internet - No One Does

If Ford built a private toll highway that only allowed Mustangs, Americans would be outraged. Infrastructure is the bloodstream of an economy; if powerful established players controlled roads... |
Obama Plans for NSA Overhaul

Welcome to this morning's edition of "First To Know," a series in which we keep you in the know on what's happening in the digital world. Today, we're looking at three particularly interesting... |
Obama preps big reforms for the NSA's data collection programs

Tech companies itching for the NSA to change the way it collects data might just get their wish. Mostly. President Obama is considering reforms to the NSA's surveillance programs that could... |
Why The Internet Isn't Ready for 4K

What good is 4K video going to be if you can't upload those huge files to YouTube? 4K video cameras are becoming more affordable, but will they take off without a big leap in Internet connectivity... |
10 Web Analytics Trends for 2014

Last year was a great year in the web analytics world. We saw awesome advancements from just about every vendor in the web analytics industry. With the start of 2014, we have more experienced web... |
Wi-Fi Alliance survey says consumers will embrace the 'internet of everything'

By connecting ordinary devices to the internet, the tech world is creating the 'internet of everything.' And the WiFi Alliance, a collection of companies that make wireless networking devices... |
The NSA is racing to build a quantum computer capable of cracking even the strongest encryption

The encryption battle may be leaving the realm of 1s and 0s. The National Security Agency wants the ability to crack the strongest available encryption methods - and it's investigating how an... |
Amazon Decides to Stop Hiding Its Web Video Service

Amazon has been spending time and money building up its Prime Instant online video service, but so far it hasn't spent much time telling people about it: It's very easy to invest a lot of time on... |
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