Remember Google's Wave? Thanks to Sandstorm, It's Easy to Start Using Again

Four years ago, Google axed a year-old collaborative messaging platform called Wave, as part of its drive to clear out relatively low-adoption standalone products ahead of its big bring-everything... |
Facebook Says More Email Providers are Now Using Extension that Encrypts Emails

Facebook announced Tuesday that 95 percent of the notification emails it sends out are now being encrypted using STARTTLS - the extension used to encrypt insecure network connections between mail... |
YouTube Rolls Out New TV Interface, Starts With Xbox One

YouTube is launching a redesigned HTML5-based TV interface today that will put a stronger emphasis on your playlists and the channels you subscribe to. This new version is rolling out for the Xbox... |
The Virtual Assistant Could Be The Next Interpreter Of Enterprise Data, Starting With Google Now

You can ask Siri, Google Now and Cortana about movies, weather and sports, but you can't yet ask them about your company's budget for the fiscal year, or your department's sales performance last... |
Site Builder Startup Squarespace Apps

Squarespace, maker of an aesthetically-competent site builder, launched two new mobile apps in beta on Android today - Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Note. Previously, the apps were only... |
Yahoo Snags Netflix Exec To Be Its CIO

Yahoo announced this morning that it has hired Mike Kail, formerly of Netflix, to take on its chief information officer role, along with the title of senior vice president of infrastructure... |
Live Streaming Pioneer Shuts Down as Company Focuses on Twitch

Influential live streaming service shut down its website and apps Tuesday after seven years of operations. The move comes as the company behind is concentrating all of its... |
Facebook's Blackout Cost: About $20,000 a Minute

Facebook experienced another global blackout earlier today, with some people experiencing access issues between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Pacific. While it's difficult to know how many could not access... |
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