Apple Unveils Enhanced iTunes 'Extras' for Apple TV, as Studios Push Digital Movie Sales

Apple launched a new version of the iTunes Extras feature that will let Apple TV users access bonus content for movies they buy through the service on their HDTVs - and also let studios... |
Numenta Finally Has Apps That Mimic the Way the Brain Works

Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky started Numenta nine years ago to create software that was modeled after the way the human brain processes... |
Apple's "Secret" eBay Store Returns

In fall 2012, a mysterious eBay store appeared which only sold Apple products at prices that undercut Apple's own online refurbished store. The store was widely speculated to have been run by... |
The Secret Sauce For Twitter's Global Growth Strategy: Subsidized Data

Most World Cup watchers probably don't remember the match on June 12th, when Brazil defeated Croatia, 3-1. But Twitter does. The game spurred a record number of tweets -- 12.2 million -- a... |
Google Dumps Porn From Its Ads

If you're the operator of a sexually-explicit website and you haven't been investing your dollars in SEO, we've got some bad news: Google has decided to stop carrying ads in its massive AdWords... |
Streamfully Turns Web Links Into Personalized Content Previews

Startup General Cybernetics is offering an unusual twist on the web browsing experience with a new product called Streamfully. Once you install the Streamfully extension for Google Chrome, you can... |
Why Google Bought Songza: It's All About the Playlist

Earlier this week, we learned that after some speculation, that Google had acquired Songza Media, a streaming music and recommendation service. And while music services are certainly hot right now... |
Fuisz Media Raises $2.1 million for Interactive Web Video Ads

"Shoppable TV" - the notion that it would be cool if you could sit on your couch and order clothes you saw people wearing on-screen - is one of those ideas that people have been chasing since Web... |
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