Keen IO Raises $2.35M For Its Custom Analytics Platform

There are lots of analytics services out there, but what if they don't give you the exact information that you're looking for? Well, you could build your own system from the ground up - or you... |
Appsee gets $1M for brilliant mobile spying tools

Sometimes, a little spying can actually be a good thing. For example, say you're a mobile app developer whose app keeps crashing - or so the App Store reviews would have it. Trouble is, you can't... |
Google stock breaks $1,000 barrier

Strong third-quarter results have sent Google's stock past the $1,000 US mark for the first time. Shortly after the markets opened Friday, Google Inc. shares jumped more than 12 per cent to... |
Google stock breaks $1,000 for the first time

After a quarterly earnings report that beat Wall Street's expectations for the first time in three quarters, Google's stock price hit $1,000 for the first time today. Investors were impressed by... |
Google Q3 results top estimates with revenue of $14.98B, but Motorola losses keep growing

Google has disappointed the markets for the last two quarters, coming in below expectations. This time, Wall Street was hoping for revenue of $14.80 billion and earnings-per-share of $10.34. Google... |
MapBox heads into battle against Google Maps with a $10M war chest from Foundry Group

When you think of services that let you create interactive maps for use on your website or in your app, you might automatically think of Google Maps first or even exclusively. Well, Washington... |
Facebook's $120 Million Onavo Buy Comes With Lots of Upside

Facebook made news on Sunday night, snapping up the Tel Aviv-based mobile app analytics company Onavo. And the price paid is nothing to sneeze at; multiple sources said that Facebook ended up... |
Facebook + Onavo Boosts Web Power, Mobile IaaS

Can a social networking giant break free from the norm and deliver more than just check-ins to consumers? Facebook's acquisition of Onavo is certainly a step in that direction, boosting the... |
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