Time Warner Cable Launches Showtime's Internet Video Service

Here's one silver lining for Time Warner Cable customers out of its bruising fight with CBS: The MSO, under the deal it eventually reached with the Eye, has launched Showtime Networks'... |
Rogers scores national NHL TV rights for $5.2B

Media conglomerate Rogers Communications has launched a shot across the bow of the broadcasting landscape in a $5.2-billion deal for the right to broadcast NHL games across Canada for the next 12... |
Katie Couric Joins Yahoo as Global Anchor, to Host Interview Series

Katie Couric is shifting focus to even smaller screens: Yahoo officially announced her hire as "global anchor," making the Internet the primary platform for the talk show host and journalist... |
Why Cable Nets Still Value Broadcast Reruns

FXX's deal last week to show "The Simpsons" in syndication set a record for the market in TV reruns with a cost in the ballpark of $750M. On a per-episode basis, however, the latest syndication... |
Dan Dierdorf to Retire from Broadcasting After 2013 Season

If Dan Dierdorf could beam himself into the press boxes of NFL stadiums around the country, he might keep calling games a few more decades. But with two artificial knees, two artificial hips and a.. |
Buy movies to own forever and watch anywhere with Comcast's new Xfinity On Demand store

Comcast has launched a new store that enables US Xfinity TV customers to buy movies and TV shows. Titles purchased through the new Xfinity On Demand store belong to a user, and can be streamed as... |
NFL, MLB Back Broadcasters in Fight vs Aereo

The National Football League and Major League Baseball have threatened to move all of their games to cable television if streaming startup Aereo is deemed legal, the professional sports leagues said. |
NFL, MLB Will 'Leave Broadcast TV if Aereo Wins'

Programmers that are fighting with Aereo, the Web TV service, have already threatened to move their shows from free broadcast TV to paid cable TV if Aereo wins its court battle.
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