Pope Francis Declares the Internet a 'Gift From God'

Pope Francis declared the Internet was a "gift from God" that can break barriers between different groups of people by giving them a platform to discuss their differences. In a statement written... |
Microsoft offers overseas data storage in response to NSA concerns

Today, Microsoft announced an unpredecented response to concerns of NSA data access, offering customers in foreign countries the option of having their data stored outside US borders. According to... |
Global group wants to set rules for Internet

A team of researchers in Canada and around the world is taking on what is perhaps the most important issue in the digital world - how the Internet should be governed. Two of the worlds leading... |
Why US Net Neutrality Court Case May Affect Canadians Too

Seems like everyone is talking about "net neutrality" again. Although the concept has been around for about 10 years, not many people really know what it's about. Until not too long ago, I wasn't... |
Obama's NSA reforms won't solve Silicon Valley's trust problem

When Barack Obama announced his reforms of National Security Agency surveillance programmes today, few people were as interested as Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Marissa Mayer, and Steve... |
Vimeo Launches $500K Program Supporting Crowdfunded Films

Vimeo today announced it is deepening its commitment to the global direct film distribution movement by giving creators who have successfully raised $10,000 or more through crowdfunding platforms... |
How the FCC lost net neutrality and could kill the internet

The wrong words. That was the overwhelming message delivered to the FCC by the DC Circuit yesterday when it ruled to vacate the agency's net neutrality rules. The FCC had tried to impose so-called... |
Dear Verizon, You Don't Own The Internet - No One Does

If Ford built a private toll highway that only allowed Mustangs, Americans would be outraged. Infrastructure is the bloodstream of an economy; if powerful established players controlled roads... |
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