Amazon releases 'login and pay with Amazon' - can you feel PayPal sweating?

Amazon released a "login and pay with Amazon" service today that you can use to pay for online goods and services using your Amazon account information. Amazon has 215 million active customer... |
Europe wants to regulate the cloud for a post-Snowden world

It's not always clear where data travels on the Internet, but with American cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and others powering a sizable chunk of the modern web, there's a fair chance... |
Web's gatekeepers embrace DRM for next HTML5 standard

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) formally accepted a big change recently that could affect future Web standards-a decision that will either change nothing or destroy the Web forever. It all... |
Adobe source code breach; it's bad, real bad

The theft of source code for Adobe Acrobat, Cold Fusion and other products poses a wide-spread threat given the installed base of these products, particularly the Acrobat reader, security... |
Silk Road Bust Raises Profile of So-Called Dark Web

Yesterday's bust of the man the FBI said is the operator of Silk Road, a secretive online marketplace for illegal drugs and various sketchy services, has brought some new attention on the "Dark... |
Microsoft Lets You Relive Your Windows 95 Years Through Any Browser

The year was 1995. If you weren't busy watching the OJ Simpson trial or "Seinfeld," you might have been listening to your desktop computer dial up and connect to AOL, which you installed via... |
Google Web Designer creates animated 3-D HTML5 ads in minutes, for free

Google released its new tool for building adaptive, universally usable rich ads this morning. With Google Web Designer, hard-core animators and wet-behind-the-ears newbies can build, edit, and... |
Intel Said to Seek Web-TV Service Partner in Shift

Intel Corp., shifting strategy for its planned web-based television service, is now seeking partnerships to jumpstart the project. The company may miss a stated goal of starting service by year-end... |
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