Google snaps up drone firm Titan Aerospace

Google Inc. said it will buy drone-maker Titan Aerospace in an attempt to provide Internet access to more parts of the world, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Google did not disclose a... |
Dropbox Hits 275M Users And Launches New Business Product To All

This morning in San Francisco, Dropbox announced that its updated enterprise-facing Dropbox for Business product is now available for all. Dropbox for Business competes with a cadre of competing... |
Heartbleed bug may shut Revenue Canada website until weekend

The Canada Revenue Agency says it expects its website to be down until the weekend because of a security vulnerability related to the Heartbleed bug. The tax agency's website took away the... |
Heartbleed bug may expose your private data

A "serious vulnerability" has been found in the software that often encrypts your user name, password and banking information when you log into "secure" websites, as indicated by the little lock... |
Net neutrality law passed by European Parliament

The European Parliament voted to stop internet providers from charging for preferential access to their networks on Thursday, a step cheered by consumer groups but bemoaned by the teleco's... |
Mozilla CEO Resigns After Gay Marriage Controversy

Brendan Eich's short tenure as CEO of Mozilla has come to a close. Less than two weeks after taking the top post at the browser maker, Eich has stepped down in the wake of a controversy... |
The FCC isn't going to make peering a net neutrality issue

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is not going to make peering and interconnection fights part of the agency's revamp of network neutrality, which may disappoint Netflix and Level 3, but shouldn't surprise... |
Yahoo wants its own YouTube, offering $300M

Yahoo Inc. is in preliminary talks to acquire online video service News Distribution Network for $300-million, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The deal could further Yahoo's... |
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