GOG Moves to Diversify Its Lineup by Adding DRM-Free Films has long billed itself as a digital distribution platform for DRM-free PC games, and now it's expanding that remit to encompass DRM-free movies as well. The company launched... |
Twitch Helped Bring Back 13-Year Old 'Super Smash Bros: Melee'

Twitch's meteoric rise from spin-off company to Amazon's most expensive acquisition ever over three years is a gaming success story. But Twitch has also helped bring about other gaming successes... |
Amazon is Buying Twitch for More Than $1B

How's this for a twist: Amazon is close to acquiring video game live streaming site Twitch, according to reports by the Information and the Wall Street Journal. The acquisition could be announced... |
Amazon - Not Google - is Rumored to Buy Twitch

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is in talks with Twitch to acquire the livestreaming platform for more than $1 billion, according to a source familiar with the deal. This is ... |
Tribe Hopes to Foster a New Genre of Games with Velvet Sundown

What if an adventure game was multiplayer? The developers at Tribe Games have spent four years building a platform that can answer that question. They call it Dramagame, a 3D multiplayer game... |
'Star Wars: Commander' Invades Mobile Phones

Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm have launched "Star Wars: Commander," a game for mobile devices. "Commander," launching on Apple devices first, is a free-to-play combat strategy game in which... |
PlayFab Wants to Make "Games as a Service" Easier

Some of the most successful game companies of late, PlayFab CEO James Gwertzman says, are "tech companies that happen to make games." In the context of his pitch, at least, that's a problem... |
Nintendo's First iOS Game is a Safe Bet

Credit where credit's due: Nearly two decades since the franchise debuted, Pokemon still has momentum. The Pokemon Company, a subsidiary of Nintendo, has put out 47 Pokemon games in the past 18... |
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