Console Wars: Seth Rogen to direct film about Nintendo and Sega's 90s battles

Prepare to bask in gaming nostalgia as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are to chart the industry-defining era that saw Sega take on the might of Nintendo. The film will be based on Blake Harris' book... |
'BioShock Infinite' Developer Irrational Games Shutting Down

The studio behind the successful BioShock franchise, Irrational Games, is shutting down. In a blog post at the developer's webpage, director Ken Levine explains the reasons for the closure. "While... |
Weak Software Sales Drag Down Gaming at Retail in January

U.S. retail sales of gaming hardware, software and accessories totaled $664 million in January, according to the NPD Group. That's down from $3.28 billion in December and a slight year-over-year... |
Beijing-based mobile game portal secures $21.5M in Series B round

Mobile game portal operator obtained financing amounting to $21.5 million or CNY 130 million in its second funding round from institutional investors, TechNode reported. The round was... |
Goodbye, Flappy Bird - You Lived Fast and Died Young

By now, you've probably heard that Flappy Bird has left this world, pulled from the iOS App Store and Google Play by its creator Dong Nguyen for mysterious reasons. If you haven't downloaded the... |
Finally, a film tie-in that works: The Lego Movie Videogame

Since 2005, the developers at Traveller's Tales have been mining video game gold with their Lego-themed movie spoofs. It started with Stars Wars and then expanded to Harry Potter, Indiana Jones... |
Nintendo Buys Back 9.5 Million Shares for $1.13 Billion

Nintendo will buy back up to 9.5 million common shares for $1.13 billion. The shares, representing 7.82 percent of the company, were owned by the heirs of its late president, Hiroshi Yamauchi... |
Nintendo Thinks Free-To-Play Is Hurting Their Business

The term "free-to-play" has become anathema to some gamers, and Nintendo doesn't seem to like it all that much either. In fact, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata says he believes that this trend is... |
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