Vrtual Reality is EVE's Next Frontier

CCP has a reputation, with EVE Online, for building a universe that sucks players in. In fact, the company's stated goal has long been "to create virtual worlds more meaningful than real life." |
Most Mobile Game Players Quit After One Day

The audience for mobile free-to-play games is cheaper and more transient than previously thought, according to a new report out today from app testing firm Swrve. The report tracked the behavior... |
The Assassin's Creed film brings on two of hollywood's most sought after writers

Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, two of the writers responsible for the upcoming Ridley Scott epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, have been tapped to rewrite the script for the upcoming Assassin's Creed... |
Xbox Owners Can Finally 'GoPro' and Upload Game Clips to YouTube

Let's be clear: GoPro is not a verb - unless I'm using it in a title, in which case it is, just this once, I promise. It's also a brand of rugged high-def cameras that get people to say stuff like... |
5-Year Old Kid Finds A Security Exploit On The Xbox One, Gets A Researcher Credit

In a story that is surely making someone's day pretty crappy over at Microsoft HQ, a 5-year old kid reportedly figured out how to bypass the account restrictions meant to keep him off of his Dad's... |
Meet the Video Games Trying to Turn Game Development on Its Head

Making a video game is hard. Making a good one is harder. Will asking for help from a disorganized mob of strangers make it any easier? That's the question at the core of two nascent games... |
Meet The Gaming Guy Who Is Now Running All Of Xbox

Ten months since the Xbox One was revealed at an event that focused a lot on the platform's non-gaming aspects - TV, sports, TV, sports, you might remember - Microsoft's got a gaming guy in charge... |
Major League Gaming, Twitch Compete to Become the ESPN of Videogames

When the "Call of Duty" Championship comes to L.A. Live on March 28-30, 20,000 fans will be in attendance. But what may be even more impressive is the millions more that will be watching via MLG.TV... |
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