McDonald's Fries Get Digitized, Gamified in Canadian Mall

McDonald?s Canada is offering French fry fans an opportunity to win a free fries through an out-of-home campaign that connects smartphone users to digital screens for an interactive game. Created... |
Facebook Redesigns iPad App to Better Promote Games

Facebook announced today that it has added a dedicated game list and a game recommendation engine to the Facebook iPad app in an effort to boost a developer's ability to attract players and keep... |
Nintendo is Exciting Again

All it took was a failing console to spark Nintendo's creativity. As the Wii U struggles with consistently disappointing sales, Nintendo has tried to reverse its fortunes by releasing some of its... |
Ubisoft's Trouble with Uplay

Ubisoft vice president of digital publishing Chris Early knows that its Uplay service has an image problem, one exacerbated thanks to the launch of Watch Dogs. |
The Next 'Super Smash Bros.' is an Insane Love Letter to Video Games

"What I'd like to do now is have you take a look at this gorgeous image," said Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, gesturing to an illustration of Sonic, Mario, Mega Man, and newly... |
Games Get More Cinematic as Movie Versions Head to Bigscreen

New looks at sequels to tentpole videogame franchises like "Assassin's Creed," "Uncharted," "Far Cry" and "Tomb Raider" have taken a more movie-like approach in how publishers are trying to make... |
Microsoft Focuses on Games to Boost Interest in the Xbox One

After spending much of its resources launching the Xbox One videogame console last year, Microsoft turned the spotlight away from hardware and all on games that will become available on the next-... |
SteelSeries Teams With Tobii To Track Your Eyes And Make You A Better Gamer

It's not too often we see a truly novel gaming accessory; generally speaking companies are happy to slap a few stickers or a new coat of paint on existing controllers and headsets and call it a... |
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