The Xbox One Is Doing Truly Awful in Japan

If you thought the Xbox One had a terrible Japanese launch, then, well, you're right. But as bad as those launch numbers are, they're freaking amazing when compared to how the Xbox One is doing... |
Gumi Brings Some New Game Development Stateside

Asia accounts for more than half of the $21 billion mobile gaming market, which explains why Western companies ranging from EA to King to Kabam are trying to reach its players. But gaming... |
Nexon guns for Western players with new division

Nexon has been signing up Western developers left and right, lately, to publishing deals. In July, the company made a big splash by inking a deal with Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski for a... |
EA Backs the White House's New Anti-Sexual Assault Initiative

Developer and publisher Electronic Arts is one of many corporate partners supporting the "It's On Us" initiative, a public campaign launched this week by President Obama that aims to raise awareness. |
$2M in Osmo Preorders Reveals Demand for Educational iPad Games

Educational game/toy startup Tangible Play has managed to reap roughly $2M in preorders for Osmo, its iPad accessory kit designed to turn the tablet into a more robust educational game platform... |
Unity Pro now free to all PlayStation developers

Game engine maker Unity said this morning it would be making the full Unity Pro suite free to all licensed PlayStation developers. Unity Pro typically costs $1500 or $75 a month. |
Disney is Bringing in External Studios to Help Build Infinity 2.0 Content

With the popularity of Avalanche Software's Disney Infinity exploding, Disney is looking to work with numerous external development teams to build new content for the game. Disney's game business... |
Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker For $2.5B

In the last two years, gamers have played more than 2 billion hours of Minecraft on Microsoft's Xbox 360. Monday, Microsoft made the relationship official, announcing it will buy Minecraft... |
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