Sega reaped over $72M in sales from one F2P mobile game last year

According to a strategic planning presentation disclosed to investors earlier this month, Sega's free-to-play mobile RPG Chain Chronicles reaped over $72 million USD in sales for the company across... |
Is YouTube killing the traditional games press?

There's been a notable shift in the video game industry that many traditional game critics would rather turn a blind eye to than investigate. It's the rise of the "YouTuber," pulling in hundreds... |
'LittleBigPlanet 3': Imagining New Possibilities in Co-Op Gaming

The current trend in multiplayer games is to focus on online experiences, but sometimes you just want to crash on the couch with your favorite people for some co-op play. Even though pickings... |
McDonald's Fries Get Digitized, Gamified in Canadian Mall

McDonald?s Canada is offering French fry fans an opportunity to win a free fries through an out-of-home campaign that connects smartphone users to digital screens for an interactive game. Created... |
Facebook Redesigns iPad App to Better Promote Games

Facebook announced today that it has added a dedicated game list and a game recommendation engine to the Facebook iPad app in an effort to boost a developer's ability to attract players and keep... |
Nintendo is Exciting Again

All it took was a failing console to spark Nintendo's creativity. As the Wii U struggles with consistently disappointing sales, Nintendo has tried to reverse its fortunes by releasing some of its... |
Ubisoft's Trouble with Uplay

Ubisoft vice president of digital publishing Chris Early knows that its Uplay service has an image problem, one exacerbated thanks to the launch of Watch Dogs. |
The Next 'Super Smash Bros.' is an Insane Love Letter to Video Games

"What I'd like to do now is have you take a look at this gorgeous image," said Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, gesturing to an illustration of Sonic, Mario, Mega Man, and newly... |
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