Four of the Strangest Sports Games Ever Made Come Out Today

Remember when sports games used to be weird? Sportsfriends does.There was a time before the Madden-ocracy ushered in a hegemony of simulation-centric sports titles. In games like Ring King, Epyx... |
Spielberg's 'Halo' Series Might Premiere on Showtime

Microsoft has a ton of original TV shows in the works for the Xbox One, and no series has been quite so anticipated as the Halo show being executive produced by Steven Spielberg. But now,Variety is... |
How Sony is Trying to Keep Its Edge with Indie Game Developers

Sony announced last week it has more than 100 games coming from indie game developers for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita consoles. Adam Boyes, the vice president of publisher and developer... |
Call of Duty Leaks, Xbox Goes Hollywood, and Marvel Invades Disney Infinity

Thanks to the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leak, we're having a busy day here at GamesBeat. Of course, most of the days are busy. Just look at our week's worth of coverage below. You?ll find out... |
Kamcord Gets $7.1M in Funding for Mobile Game Videos

Ever got stuck in a mobile game? What if the game could offer you instant access to videos of other players completing the level that's been causing you trouble? That's one of the premises of... |
Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes Coming This Fall

At a special event in Los Angeles this morning, Disney announced the second phase of its toys-meets-games franchise, bringing Marvel characters into the mix with Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes... |
Lionsgate Names Nerdist Co-Founder Peter Levin President Interactive Ventures

As part of its continued push into the digital and gaming space, Lionsgate has tapped Nerdist Industries co-founder Peter Levin as President of Interactive Ventures and Games. In his new role... |
Stanford Has a Videogame Controller That Knows if You`re Bored

Videogames, in general, have one thing in common across genres: They`re supposed to be fun. (Duh.) But sometimes games aren`t fun, for reasons that are hard to suss out during the development... |
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