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Bell Media is launching a new video streaming service that will include the entire HBO scripted off-air library. The company says the subscription service, code-named "Project Latte," will...  |   

But I thought we were recording our video selfies on Instagram and Snapchat now? A soon-to-launch mobile application called VideoSelfie, whose founders participated in the 500 Startups...  |   

Fraud in the programmatic ad business is a systemic problem that's robbing the legitimate marketplace of hundreds of millions of dollars, but to date we've seen no concrete steps to address the...  |   

In an early morning blog post, no doubt targeted at overseas users, Facebook said it is experimenting with providing direct access to it social network over the Tor network...  |   

It's been well over six months since we first caught sight of the Moto 360. Motorola unveiled the device in March, but it would be six more months before the device was ready for launch...  |   

When I first heard about Kamcord and other services that allow players of mobile games to record and share their game-play, I assumed that this was primarily about gamers showing off their...  |   

BlackBerry today announced that it has released new features for BBM, offering users more privacy and control over their communications. At the core of the BBM experience is privacy and control...  |   

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